Kintetsu Ujiyamada Station


Dec 8, 2016

Does beautiful architecture excite you? Then, let me recommend the station building of Kintetsu Ujiyamada station. Built in 1931, the building as been awarded one of the top 100 Chubu stations in 2009, and was registered as an important national cultural site in 2011. Although the structure of the building is based on European architecture, it also incorporates certain characteristics of a Japanese house.

The station building is actually at the entrance of the shrine hall of Ise Shrine. The building is a stunning 120 meters in width, and the exterior is decorated with pale cream-colored tiles. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that the top of the entrance is decorated with colored grills called terracotta. Large octagonal windows line up along the walls, providing a splendid accent to the design.

Now, let’s talk about the interior of the building. At the center of the first floor, you’ll find the concourse with high ceilings reaching to the second floor. Looking up, do you see the chandelier that’s illuminating beautifully against the pristine white walls. This is really clever as it makes the building seem a lot more spacious than it actually is! There is also a special room on the second floor to host important guests, including the imperial family.

This architectural masterpiece is a real visual treat. Do come and marvel at its beauty!



外壁は淡いクリーム色のタイルで装飾され、出入り口上部には「テラコッタ(terra cotta)」と呼ばれる建築装飾用の焼き物で彩られた、大きな八角窓が並び見事なアクセントになっています。



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