Kudoyama Sanada Museum


Jun 27, 2017

Don’t just read about history; experience it at the Kudoyama Sanada Museum.

It’s a place where you can learn more about the Sengoku period (1491 → 1602), done so through the eyes of the Sanada family.

You see, Yukimura Sanada was a popular military commander in the 1600s. His father was Masayuki Sanada, a Japanese Sengoku period lord and daimyo.

Be transported back in time as you walk through the halls. See the traditional costumes and discover tricks-of-the-past used to avoid enemy attacks. The whole atmosphere of the place, inside and out, is very quiet and charming. It has this magical atmosphere.

To get there from Osaka, you’ll take about two hours via express train.

You should really visit this museum! You’ll be so intrigued; you’ll forget about the time. But don’t forget to take your commemorative photo before you leave!

歴史を体感出来るミュージアムです。1600年代に大活躍した人気武将:真田幸村(Yukimura Sanada)や、その乳親である真田昌幸(Masayuki Sanada)など、



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