Mar 3, 2017

Kuragari-toge is part of a national highway with a difference. It’s a short but steep mountainous pass; so steep that some cars cannot make the turn at the corner! But since it’s the shortest route between Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture and Higashi Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, people do take it.

This pass began as an ancient pilgrimage route to a shrine during the Edo period – you might say that there is still an old-world feel to it today. And the trek to the top is worth your effort … so why don’t you consider it a personal challenge?

Once you reach Bokura no Hiroba, a 10 minute walk, you won’t regret it. This spot gives you a magnificent view of Awaji Island, Kansai International Airport and parts of Osaka. It’s especially beautiful at night and is also fairly quiet with few tourists, so you have the area all to yourself.

奈良と大阪を繋ぐ1番の近道と言われていますが、最大のユニークポイントは この国道が『急勾配』であることです。
匂配が急すぎて、コーナーを曲がりきれない車もいるほどです。 この特徴が有名で、「日本の道100選」にも選ばれています。


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