Kuraya Narusawa


Jan 6, 2017

Enjoy Japanese craft beer at a World Heritage Site!

Kuraya Narusawa is a restaurant that’s right next to the Nirayama Furnace, which has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015.

Shuzenji Onsen, a famous hot spring town, is also nearby.

That means, you get to taste the best beers in Japan, visit a World Heritage Site and soak in a hot spring, all at one area – isn’t that convenient!

The restaurant sells craft beers for about 420 yen each, but also has sampler sets of three to four types if you like.

Besides beer, the restaurant provides indoor BBQ equipment. There’s enough space for large families or groups and everything is well organized by the restaurant.

Personally, I recommend that you visit in April, as it is Cherry Blossom season. The view of the Nirayama Furnace with Cherry Blossoms in the background just takes me back to the good old days of Japan – a view that’s simply precious.






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