Kurohime Kogen


Feb 3, 2017

Kurohime Kogen (or Plateau) is a place where you can soak in the beautiful outdoors of Japan. With many different kinds of attractions, it’s perfect for anyone from families and friends to couples. There’s the stunning landscape, a hiking course, a huge variety of flowers, a fascinating museum, good food and more!

Talking about scenery, you’ll see the majestic Mount Kurohime and Lake Nojiri before you. I recommend hiking through the forest – it’s really therapeutic for the soul. If you visit during the period of summer to fall, you’ll be mesmerized by a million cosmos blooming together with dahlias and other dazzling blossoms.

If you are here with your kids, head to the Kurohime Fairy Tale Museum. You will be immersed in a fantastical world full of children’s picture books and novels, including Japanese folk tales as well as the works of German writer Michael Ende.

Behind the museum, there’s a house which famous Japanese artist and illustrator Iwasaki Chihiro once used as an atelier. Iwasaki Chihiro is famous for her watercolour illustrations of flowers and children, as well as her peace and happiness-themed works. She’s also the illustrator of the well-known Totto-Chan.

Through visiting the attractions above, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of the lives of Japanese people past and present, and learn so much more about the Japanese culture while being serenely surrounded by nature.

Oh! Good news! Kurohime Kogen is not well-known to foreign tourists yet, so you won’t need to squeeze with crowds!





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