Marutou Wasabi Café


Dec 8, 2016

At Mount Takao, Marutou Wasabi Farmer’s Café is a special café that opens only on the third Sunday of every month. No wonder it’s little known to both locals and tourists, and that’s why it’s my secret chillout spot. I guess it also helps that it’s located in a mountain area with few inhabitants.

The café is within an old Japanese private house with a small veranda where you can sit and enjoy organic juice, tea and home-made ice-cream. Such verandas are slowly disappearing in Japan. What a waste! I really enjoy sitting here and talking with the inhabitants living in other old Japanese style house in the village near Mount Takao.

Wasabi Farmer’s Cafe is located in the Inazu area and is a 25-minute car ride from Izukyu Shimoda station. Come here for a café experience that’s out of the ordinary!






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