Matsumoto City Museum of Art


Feb 3, 2017

Love all things art and culture? I highly recommend visiting the Matsumoto City Museum of Art in Nagano prefecture. Many artworks of Yayoi Kusama are exhibited here. In case you’re wondering, she is an artist that’s well known around the world and was born in Matsumoto City. You can see several of her early works inside the museum. In addition to the artworks of Ms. Kusama, the works of other Japanese artists from calligraphy to mountain paintings are also displayed here. At the museum entrance, I spotted several of Ms. Kusuma’s trademark exhibits such as her phantom flowers and red polka dots vending machines. There’s also a museum shop to pick up some souvenirs. In 2016, the wall of the building was an artwork by Ms. Kusama!

If all that walking around makes you hungry, you’ll be pleased to know the museum restaurant serves wonderful French cuisine made with local ingredients. And in the small exhibition room, there are art workshops and presentations conducted by local volunteers. If you’re visiting Matsumoto city, you must come to Matsumoto City Museum of Art to experience the local arts! The entrance fee is about 410 yen.

松本市出身で世界的人気のアーティスト、草間彌生(Ms.Yayoi Kusama)の作品を多く見られる美術館(入館料:410円程度)です。

2016年には美術館の建物の壁面自体も草間さんの作品となり、"Kusamawa World"を存分に楽しめます。



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