Mount Hakodate


Dec 8, 2016

Considered one of the best views in Japan, and receiving the highest honor of three stars in the Michelin Guide, the view of the city from atop Mount Hakodate is one that would take your breath away.

Just 3 minutes away from the city via the Mount Hakodate Ropeway, it’s definitely worth making the short trip up for that spectacular view. There is also a popular legend, that hidden within the Hakodate night view is the word ‘heart’ written in Katakana — and if you manage to find it, you will experience eternal love with the person you are with. So if you’ve got the chance to, how about putting it to the test?

Besides observation decks, you’ll find various other souvenir shops and restaurants that offer you the chance to wine and dine while you appreciate the beautiful lights of the city at night.


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