Mount Takao (New Year Visit)

Takahiro Yamazaki

Dec 8, 2016

On New Year’s Day, many worshippers visit Mt. Takao for their first auspicious shrine visit of the year.

From the eve of the special day, you’ll already see many visitors pouring in. They are there to catch the first sunrise of the year and pay respects at the temple.

It is widely believed in Japan that watching the first sunrise of the year brings you good luck. So even though it’s really cold near the summit of the mountain, you’ll still see large crowds. There were warm food and sweet drinks available there too. Besides, the lively and fun atmosphere was enough to warm me right up!

During this time, the trains to Mt. Takao operate overnight; so don’t worry about missing them.

So what do you think? Shall we greet the next New Year together at Mt. Takao?





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