Mount Yotei


Dec 8, 2016

Did you know that Mount Yotei is known as the Mount Fuji of Hokkaido? The locals call it ‘Ezo Fuji’ – ‘Ezo’ was Hokkaido’s name in the past. Doesn’t this tell you that Mount Yotei, which is one of Japan’s most famous mountain, is a very beautiful place too? You can definitely expect dynamic nature here!

Hokkaido is known for places where nature is abundant, but I think this attraction of Niseko is the most spectacular of all.

Mount Yotei is a stratovolcano with an altitude of 1,898 and there is a scenic spot in Mount Yotei that I’d recommend. Lake Hangetsu (Half Moon Lake) is a crater lake you’ll need to take a little walk to. As the name suggests, it has a unique half moon shape.

There was once I was lucky and caught a glimpse of Kitakitsune, a rare breed of red fox which can only be found in Hokkaido or Aomori prefecture. Do look out for them!

Throughout the four seasons, the color around Mount Yotei changes so you’ll always make new discoveries. If you are a nature lover, you must not miss out on Mount Yotei!



ここの魅力なんと言っても大自然の景色。北海道は自然が豊かな場所で知られていますが、その中でもこれぞ北海道!と言わんばかりの大自然の景色が、ここニ セコで味わえます。

珍しいことに、山の周辺では主に北海道または青森でしか出会えないキタキツネ も見かけられます。また、少し歩くと火口湖である、「半月湖」も見ることが出来ます。名前の通り、半月の形をしているユニークなスポットです。春夏秋冬で羊蹄山周辺の色も変わり、どんな季節でも新しい発見があります。

北海道を訪 れるなら、広がる大自然と一体化できるこの空間は見逃さないでください。

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