Mt. Wakakusa


Mar 3, 2017

If you love hiking, the trail from Nara Park up to the grass-covered slopes of Mount Wakakusa will be perfect for you. You can reach the observatory at the 342 meter peak in about 30 minutes, and enjoy your reward – an unblocked view of the entire Nara plain that stretches as far as the south of Kyoto.

It’s such an incredible view that it has been called one of the three best views in Japan! Late in the day, the sunset and twinkling city lights make this especially romantic.

On your way there and back, you may see some deer roaming freely around Nara Park. These gentle creatures are a symbol of Nara and in Shinto, considered a messenger of god, so if you get close to them, it’s best not to startle them if you approach.


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