Mt.Takao (as a power-spot)

Takahiro Yamazaki

Mar 3, 2017

Did you know that the Michelin Guide isn’t all about food? There’s travel too, and Mount Takao won three stars in 2007.

Mount Takao is popular for its ‘power spots’ that bring great benefits to people. It all started after Takao Yakuoin temple was built in 744, which was also the year Mount Takao was first climbed.

Mount Takao is known to be the sacred mountain of Tengu, an mythical monster with a red face and long nose. Various Tengu statues can be seen leading up to Takao Yamaguchi station and Takao Yakuoin temple.

It is said that Tengu has supernatural powers that ward off calamities, bring fortune and relieve disaster. That’s why Mount Takao is known to have many ‘power spots’. So if you want your wish to come true, climb up Mount Takao!






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