Naganoken Gokoku Shrine


Mar 3, 2017

Naganoken Gokoku Shrine is one of Matsumoto’s lesser known attractions, compared to the iconic Matsumoto Castle, but I think it’s still an important attraction. Built in 1938, the shrine has since been dedicated to war victims from the Meiji Restoration to the Pacific War.

Standing alone in the quiet woods, the shrine projects a solemn yet calm mood. Outside the woods, the surrounding area is a school district with several educational institutes such as Shinshu University, high school, and junior high school. There’s also a general gymnasium and a cultural hall in the vicinity.

Back to Naganoken Gokoku Shrine… there is a wedding hall in the shrine. So if you are lucky, you may catch a traditional Shinto wedding ceremony in progress on weekends or public holidays. The Bunkin Takashimada bridal costume and hair-style are not just a rare sight for foreigners, but is a showcase of exquisite beauty and detail typical of Japanese fashion.



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