Nagoya City Science Museum

Mayu Suzuki

Dec 8, 2016

Nagoya City Science Museum is where you’ll find the world’s largest planetarium, Brother Earth (listed as a Guinness World Record). Because the place has many booths holding interactive and hands-on science experiments, both adults and children love coming here. The themes and astronomy programs change every month, so I always learn new things and never get bored! They are held in Japanese, but even if you don’t understand, you can find them interesting. Come with your kids and have a great time bonding.

One interesting feature is a very realistic recreation of the starry sky. So even in the daytime, you can relax and take in the view, in a comfortable reclining chair. If you are there with a loved one, why not hold hands and make it a romantic moment?

Also, you should note that the tickets follow a number system (at 800 yen). Because the Nagoya City Science Museum is a very popular spot for both locals and tourists, I recommend you visit on a weekday.





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