Yuya Hayashi

Dec 8, 2016

Selected as one of Japan’s top 100 sightseeing destinations, Nihondaira offers a spectacular view of Mount Fuji and the beautiful landscape of Shizuoka. The hill overlooks a tea plantation, the Shimizu Harbor, as well as the Japanese southern Alps.

I like taking the Nihondaira Ropeway up to the Nihondaira Pleateau, because of its stunning views. I have taken the ropeway in different seasons and I never tire of the view because it always changes! If you're keen, you can also visit the Kunosan Toshogu Shrine via the Ropeway, which was built to commerate Ieyasu Tokugawa, Japan's respected general from about 400 years ago.

If you have time to spare, spend the night at Nihondaira Hotel. From here, you’ll be able to see Mount Fuji, as well as the Pacific Ocean that stretches out into the horizon. In my opinion, the hotel also offers the best night view of Shizuoka city.

Besides enjoying the scenery at Nihondaira, there are also many restaurants and souvenir shops. Nihondaira is my favorite quick getaway from the city!





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