Niseko Mount Resort Grand HIRAFU


Dec 8, 2016

While Niseko can be enjoyed during all four seasons, I feel that the best time for you to visit is winter! That's when the snow gets fluffy and powdery.

Once a year, skiers and snowboarders from all around the world flock to Niseko Mount Resort Grand HIRAFU, which is built on a slope with an altitude of 1,308.2 meters!

The place is a skier’s and snowboarder’s dream! On a day with nice weather, you can ski along the front side of Mount Yotei. The snow will sparkle like diamond dust. So get ready your sunglasses!

If you want to fully enjoy the charm of the mountain and what the resort has to offer, take the gondola when it opens in the early morning. This high-speed gondola was constructed several years ago and will take you to a snowy ‘silver world’ in just a few minutes.

I love being one of the first to a skiing area that hasn’t been ‘carved’ by others yet. The untouched slopes are like a gift from nature – to carve to my hearts content!

So if you want to experience ‘surfing through clouds’ on top of a snowy mountain, visit the Grand HIRAFU – there is no other ski site in the world like it!







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