Nishiki Market

Shu Hirayama

Feb 3, 2017

Known as “Kyoto’s Kitchen”, the lively Nishiki Market is located on one of the main streets in downtown Kyoto. With over 120 specialty stores and restaurants, this is the best place for you to get a taste of famous Kyoto culinary delights!

What I love about Nishiki Market is that you get to sample a variety of fresh Kyoto specialties before you decide to buy it. So why not be adventurous? Try something you aren’t familiar with. You might just find something new you like to eat!

The food here is reasonably priced. For example, you can get chocolate croquettes for about 100 yen each and a soymilk donut for about 250 yen.

Besides eating, you can also purchase fine liquor, rice and tea. In addition, many stalls here sell traditional goods that are locally produced. I think this makes Nishiki Market the perfect place to buy souvenirs that are unique to Japan.

Since the shopping street is only 400 meters long, it’s better you take a walk from one end to the other, and then circle back again. This way, if you find something you want to buy but can’t decide, you can always return to the shop again later.






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