No Name Ramen Shop in Sanjo

Yurika Tsuge

Dec 8, 2016

This ramen shop has no name. But who needs one, when the food is good enough to make you famous?

For first time visitors, the shop might be hard to locate but it's going to be worth your time. Tucked away at the basement of CEO Kiyamachi Building, the No Name Ramen shop also has a Japanese garden - dining here could change the way you feel about ramen forever.

Now about the ramen - they serve a special broth that’s very rich in flavor, made from a combination of seafood and pork bone. It’s super tasty and addictive! I'm pretty sure you'll find yourself craving for this unforgettable bowl of ramen again. A bowl of ramen costs about 900 yen.

The shop has only a small number of counter seats, so expect a long queue. (Again, it’s worth it!)

When I was finally seated, I realized that I could see the chefs preparing the ramen. It was an eye-opening (and mouth-watering) experience watching them prepare ramen from start to finish!





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