Oasis 21

Mayu Suzuki

Dec 8, 2016

Shopping at Oasis 21 is like shopping inside a futuristic spacecraft – that’s what the massive multi-level shopping complex looks like on the outside.

Located in the downtown district of Sakae, and Nagoya’s new landmark, Oasis 21 has a huge variety of shops, departmental stores and dining options. You’ll be thoroughly entertained.

It’s also really relaxing to shop here – talk about retail therapy! The mall is designed to be environmentally-friendly, making use of natural light and rainwater. The signature feature of Oasis 21 is the huge glass roof that appears to be floating in the air. From here, you can admire the Nagoya skyline as you listen to the soothing sounds of the water rippling over the glass surface.

At night, the promenade is illuminated with colorful LED lights that reflect beautifully on the glass roof, making it a truly magnificent sight. It’s also perfect for a romantic late night stroll with your loved one.




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