Old British Consulate of Hakodate

Yoshiaki Tanaka

Dec 8, 2016

For fans of history, I highly recommend visiting the Old British Consulate. It was built in 1885 within the trading port of Hakodate. Featuring a British colonial style architecture, this beautiful building is listed as a cultural treasure of the city of Hakodate. There’s also an exhibition room that displays photographs of its rich history (entrance fee 300 yen).

During my visit there, I enjoyed afternoon tea at the Victorian Rose café (1,500 yen with cake), which looks out to a beautiful rose garden. Filled with antique British furniture, the café’s historical atmosphere will take you back in time!


Victorian Roseという店名の通り、窓から美しいバラ園が望めます。また店内には英国から取り寄せた調度品が優雅な時間を演出します。

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