Feb 3, 2017

Let me introduce to you the most delicious fish burger: the Red Bream Burger – it’s a national pride and you have to have yours at Ra-maru.

The burger joint is located in Izu Shizuoka Prefecture, which is the best area to eat delicious fish in Japan. Why? Tens of thousands of years ago, the birth of Izu Peninsula created an undulating ocean floor. This brings in high quality seawater, which, in turn, attracts good quality fish. Kinmedai is regarded as a high quality fish that’s really tasty!

At Ra-maru, Red Breams used to make the fish burger (around 1,000 yen). Imagine fresh Kinmedai fried golden, melted camembert cheese and slightly sweet teriyaki sauce. Mmm.. It’s a party in my mouth! Come and taste the best filet-o-fish burger ever!







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