Rakusho Tea House


Dec 8, 2016

Rakusho is a teahouse located on Nene no Michi, or Nene road, which connects Yasaka Shrine and Kiyomizu-dera Temple. The teahouse is a perfect resting spot after your visit to the temple.

Inside, Rakusho looks like your average Kyoto teahouse – simple yet charming. But one look out the window, and you’ll realize why this place is so popular. It’s surrounded by a Japanese garden that’s so beautiful and serene, you’d think you’re staring at a postcard! And of course, the garden comes complete with a koi pond.

I ordered a warabi mochi (jelly-like dessert made from bracken starch) for about 700 yen and enjoyed it with green tea. It was delicious.

During the summer, many customers go there for shaved ice. Cool down as you relax and appreciate the scenery outside.






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