Ryugu Cave


Dec 8, 2016

One of the most beautiful ways to admire the sky is by going into Ryugu cave in Touji and looking up at the sun from inside. I visited the cave at night and it was really special looking up at a sky full of stars. There are stairs at the entrance of the cave so I was not worried about tripping.

If you didn’t know, there’s another entrance next to the carpark. You will need to climb a short mountain path for a few minutes before reaching the cave, but this route will allow you to look into the cave from above.

Both entrances offer different views. So if you are travelling in a group, I suggest you split up to take photos of either side. Since you are at the cave, why not drop by the “sand ski ground” next to it?

Both attractions are free and are about 20 minutes from Izukyu-Shimoda station. You won’t miss Ryugu cave as it is located right next to a carpark. Watch a video





伊豆ならではの大自然を、是非味わってほしい。 ビデオを見る

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