Shiriyaki Onsen


Jun 27, 2017

There may be many hot springs in Japan, but there aren’t many like this. If you enjoy your hot springs a bit more ‘wild’, here’s my best-kept secret – Shiriyaki Onsen!

To get there, pass Kusatsu Onsen in the Gunma Prefecture and head towards the Nozoriko.

Once you see an outdoor bath that’s part of a river and surrounded by forest, you’ve reached the right place! You’ll also find a hut where you can put your clothing and a public bathhouse nearby.

The amount of water in the onsen and its temperature depends on the river, but it’s usually lukewarm. The hot water comes from the bottom of the river, hence the name “Shiriyaki”, which literally means, “Burn bottom”.

Do note that Shiriyaki Onsen is a free and mixed bath that’s open to both sexes. Women can enter in their swimsuits. Also, there are no dressing rooms nearby, so do change in the car, the nearby inn, or the public toilet.

And don’t go during winter; it’ll be too cold. But other than that, you’re good to go! I’m sure you’ll have an unforgettable time, so do visit it if you’re ever in the Gunma Prefecture.

群馬の草津温泉(Kusatsu Onsen)への道を少しそれて、野反湖(Nozoriko)方面へ進んでいくと、たどり着くのが、尻焼温泉です。



残念ながら冬は寒くて入れませんが、それ以外の時期に群馬県(Gunma Prefecture)を

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