Sunshine Sakae


Mar 3, 2017

I like to visit Sakae, in the centre of Nagoya. Here, there’s plenty of shopping and you can buy practically anything. One place I’d personally recommend you to go is Sunshine Sakae, a shopping center with a huge Ferris Wheel.

Inside the shopping center, there’s a shopping floor with both men’s and women’s fashion, a dining floor with many cafés and restaurants, and even a comics floor that would satisfy any otaku. There’s even an “SKE48 Theatre” that pays homage to the girl group that’s famous in Nagoya.

Even if you’re not a big fan of shopping, there’s still plenty for you to do outside of the shopping complex. The crowd favorite is definitely the Sky Boat Ferris Wheel, which will cost you 500 yen a ride. You’ll be surprised at how high it goes when you’re inside, admiring the beautiful scenery of the city center. I’d recommend you visit at night for an even more splendid view.





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