Taste a sea urchin fresh from the ocean!

Jnto Jnto

Mar 15, 2018

At Maruni Suisan, operated directly by a seafood wholesaler, you can taste fresh dishes of various kinds of seafood. Spend a relaxing time on a raft floating on the sea while listening to the waves and the sea breeze.

You can also experience cracking open a sea urchin and taking out the meat with local female divers called “ama”. Cutting a Japanese spiny lobster experience is also available. Both require a reservation. Crack open your sea urchin and taste it on the spot! Cutting a lobster experience includes a gorgeous meal consisting of lobster sashimi, miso soup, and other small dishes.

Fee: Cracking sea urchin experience: 2,500 yen
Cutting a lobster experience: 3,500 yen
(Reservation required. Experience, materials, a meal included. Consumption tax not included.)

Seafood Wholesaler Maruni Suisan
Phone: 0972-42-1600
Fax: 0972-42-1602
Business hours: 11:00 - 15:00
Closed: when a typhoon hits this area (please check in advance)

* This is the information as of June, 2017
For further detail, please visit

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