Feb 3, 2017

Let me introduce the ultimate relaxation experience – a visit to Teirabui home-style restaurant on Hamahiga Island.

First, I recommend you rent a car to get there. While driving past Underwater Road to Hamahiga Bridge, you’ll feel like you are travelling through the sea as there’s nothing but the vast blue sea on either side of the long bridge.

On Hamahiga Island, drive carefully along the narrow streets and follow the small signboards to find a parking lot. You should see a beautiful row of hibiscus flowers as you step out of your car. Follow the row and they’ll lead you to a rustic but well-kept Japanese-style house.

Perched on its red tile roof, is a Shisa – a lion statue, which is a symbol of protection commonly found on Okinawan houses. The house also has a Hinpun entrance, a gate made of rocks for privacy and to ward off evil spirits.

A signboard at the house, which reads: ‘Teirabui’, a local dialect that translates to ‘Basking in the sun’, lets you know you have arrived! Why not do just that? Bask in the sun as you wait for the restaurant to open.

When I visited, I sat in the garden listening to birds singing. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia – as if I were a child visiting my grandmother during the summer vacation.

When the store opens, take off your shoes and open the sliding door. Although you’re not from Okinawa, you will feel right at home as you’re greeted with 'Ketanna” or “Welcome home” – just like your grandmother would.

In the house, you’ll see a tatami mattress, a picture of an ancestor and a dining table with a samisen (a traditional Japanese string instrument).

Enjoy the local cuisine as you take in your surroundings. The pork is juicy and savory, while the Jimami toufu tempura tastes exquisite.

After your meal, I recommend relaxing on the tatami to relieve your fatigue.

While most people think of spas when it comes to relaxation in Okinawa, this is truly the perfect place to feel rejuvenated and relaxed! Watch a video




食後は畳の間にごろんと寝転がってお昼寝したくなるようなほっこり感。沖縄でリラクゼーションと言えばリゾートでスパなどのイメージですが、この癒され感は、別の意味で究極のリラクゼーションスポットと言えるかもしれません。 ビデオを見る

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