Tetsunabe Gyoza


Feb 3, 2017

Gyoza (dumplings) is one of my favorite Japanese food. If it’s yours too, let me introduce you to Tetsunabe Gyoza. This gyoza restaurant originates from the Yahata district in Kitakyushu city.

At Tetsunabe Gyoza, the gyoza are cooked in a small pot which looks like an iron frying pan. The gyoza is then served to you directly from the hot pan. That’s why they are oh-so-fresh and juicy when you bite into them. Compared to other dumplings, these gyoza have skin that’s crispier. So delicious!

At about 500 yen for eight dumplings, it’s really value for money. I recommend eating the gyoza with white rice and beer. This food pairing is really addictive!

Besides Kitakyushu city, the restaurant can also be found in Fukuoka city. Be sure to visit!





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