Tobu World Square


Jan 13, 2017

This theme park in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, displays models of famous buildings in the world. The buildings are built on a 1/25 scale.

I was really fascinated that they not only modeled the buildings, but people in the neighborhood too! It’s really impressive how the Japanese artists have managed to capture realistic human facial expressions. What great skills they have!

Some of the building models feature really interesting characters. Some people are actually more interested in spotting these characters rather than admiring the buildings models.

As the park is continuously adding more building models, you’ll always find something new each time you visit.

Do try to visit it at night too. With the building models lit up, the surroundings look very different from during the day. In real life, most of these buildings won’t be lit up. Isn’t it wonderful that you can enjoy a different perspective here at Tobu World Square?

My kids really enjoyed the trip here. They felt like they traveled around the world in just one day. Do bring your family here too! You’ll have such a delightful time.

The entrance fee is about 2,800 yen for adults and 1,400 yen for children.






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