Toyanogata Park

Nov 25, 2016

Toyanogata Park is no ordinary park! It’s a sprawling prefectural park which is home to the largest natural lake in Niigata. Did you know it’s so big that it has areas that are part of Meike ward and Shumoku ward?

When you visit the park, both wards will give you different experiences. Meike ward is an area of learning – you can check out prefectural libraries and a natural science museum. Shumoku ward is an area for walking and playing free – there is a small artifical stream, multipurpose square, cherry blossom viewing space, trim forest, yukisubaki garden and a pond.

Toyanogata Park is great for everyone in the family. You can rent various equipment such as baby strollers, rubber sandals for playing in babble, rubber balls and badminton equipment.

I recommend bringing your kids here from the beginning to mid of April. You’ll be amazed by the 1,000 Yoshino cherry trees in bloom. Plus, there’s an event for children called ‘Gata Kids’. It’ll be so fun!




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