Yaki Hamaguri Shinzaburo


Dec 8, 2016

‘Yaki Hamaguri’ is ‘Grilled Orient Clam’, with ‘Hamaguri’ referring to a species of saltwater clams.

So Yaki Hamaguri Shinzaburo, as you may have guessed, is a shop that specialises in these orient clams, and is run by a company based in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture. The local speciality of Kuwana is grilled Hamaguri, so you know you’re in for the best meal when you come here!

You can try a variety of dishes made with Hamaguri, including Hamaguri Shabu Shabu, but the one that I really want to recommend is Hamaguri Ramen. Its shio-based broth (salt-based) is so light, thin, and delicious, it’s easy to drink the whole bowl of soup at one go!
Open for both lunch and dinner, ramen is the main lunchtime dish.

Yaki Hamaguri Shinzaburo has an outlet at the basement of Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, so if you visit Roppongi, you simply have to pop by!




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