Yakiniku Hiro

Yurika Tsuge

Jan 6, 2017

Savor the exquisite taste of Japanese grilled beef at Hiro, a popular yakiniku restaurant here in Kyoto. At 7,000 yen per person, a meal here is sure to satisfy both your stomach and your heart. I guarantee it!

Don’t hesitate to strike a conversation with the friendly wait staff here, who will be happy to take you through the various types of beef available, as well as which sauce goes best with which type of beef.

The yakiniku is typically served by itself, but you can order a side of white rice at a small additional charge. Besides rice, there are other options on the menu, such as bibimbap, gukbap, and cold noodles.

I love the peaceful and calming ambience of this traditional Kyoto-style restaurant. And of course, the delectable taste of freshly cooked yakiniku that literally melts in your mouth!

最後の〆には、ピビンパ, クッパ、白ご飯、冷麺から選ぶことができますよ♪

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