Yamatohime no Miya Shrine


Jan 6, 2017

Looking for a fascinating cultural experience? I highly recommend visiting the Yamatohime no Miya shrine located in Kuratayama! You’ll find it at the foot of the mountain between the Inner Shrine and Outer Shrine, both located at each end of Miyuki Road. The 11th Emperor Shunin’s daughter, Princess Yamato Himenomikoto, is enshrined in Yamatohime no Miya shrine.

This shrine is next to the Inner Shrine, which is the main hall. I’m told that there are several facilities on the same premises named after the Shinto shrine, such as Jingu ChouKokan, Jingu Bijutsukan and Jingu Nogyokan. These form a cultural institution of Yamatohime. Legend has is that Yamatohime is a spiritual woman who can predict the future.

The entrance to the shrine is inconspicuous, with beautiful, leafy trees welcoming you as you walk in. When I entered the forest, it felt as though I was entering another world! The entire experience provided me with a sense of peace and tranquility. This shrine attracts many devotees who believe that you can receive spiritual power by praying sincerely.


御正宮である内宮のつぎに尊いお宮のことです。 伊勢市中心部から内宮に向かう御幸道路の途中の皇学館大学の向かいに位置し、



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