Yogo Lake Village


Jun 27, 2017

In Nagahama City, Shiga, there lies a ‘hidden’ lake that stretches for about 1.8 square kilometers and is 13-meters deep.

Would you like to guess which lake it is?

It’s located to the north of Lake Biwa, and southeast of Kawanami Village. Oh! It also has a nickname: “Mirror Lake”.

I’m talking about Yogo Lake! On days where its surface is calm and still, it flawlessly reflects its surroundings – a simply breathtaking sight!

The area receives heavy snowfall every year. So if you go during winter, Yogo Lake will be covered with beautiful white snow. I recommend you stand at the lake’s southeastern spot (near Kawanami Village) for the best winter view.

You’ll see the village covered in a blanket of white. Together with the falling snow and bluish sky, you’d think you were living in a postcard!

And when the sun sets, Yogo Lake is slowly dyed a golden hue. Imagine that, in front of a misty mountain backdrop ¬– just like a painting.

At night, the neighborhood settles nicely, with faint lights scattered all across the land. I felt like I was transported to the historic villages of Shirakawago!




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