Yuigahama Beach


Dec 8, 2016

Come summer, Yuigahama Beach becomes a popular spot for Kamakura residents and locals from the city. People come here to surf, go yachting or have a refreshing dip in the sea. It does get crowded from early in the day!

I myself enjoy chilling at Yuigahama Beach. It’s great because I don’t have to pack or prepare anything to have fun here. There are swimsuits and flats for purchase or rental (about 1,000 yen). There are restaurants and shower facilities too. Perfect for the lazy beach bum like me!

Yuigahama beach is a great place to spend a day at, but do try to stay and catch the sunset. It’s such a beautiful sight!

To get to the beach, I recommend taking the Enoshima electric railway or renting a bicycle (about 600 yen), as it’s far to walk from Kamakura station. While cycling, you’ll get to enjoy the sights of Kamakura city along the way!






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