Zeniarai Benten Shrine


Dec 8, 2016

‘Washing’ money for good luck is something you can only do in Japan!

At the popular Zeniarai Benten Shrine ("Benten" means a female Buddhist god) in Kamakura, worshippers ‘wash’ their money by putting it in a bamboo sieve and dipping it into water as they pray.

They do so with the spring water at the deepest end of the shrine. Try it for yourself, but remember not to spend the money or your luck will leave with it! Instead, keep the money in your wallet at all times.

The shrine is a popular tourist destination and is a little far from the train station, so be prepared for your journey to take some time. You’ll know you’re at the right place when you pass though a dark tunnel carved from a huge rock with several shrines.


通称、銭洗弁天(Zeniarai Benten)と呼ばれ地元の人たちに



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