Zumi Cafe


Mar 3, 2017

The Ginowan area in Okinawa has a special charm. With large-scale US military facilities, such as the Futenma Air Base, you’ll feel like you’re on an American soil instead. In fact, there’s a street, affectionately named “Ichigo dori”, with lots of restaurants opened by foreigners in the past. And in recent years, thanks to new establishments that have sprung up, it’s now really popular with both young and old folks too.

The lovely ZUMI CAFÉ lies on this street. Its owner, whose husband is a US military official, has travelled to various garage sales in the US, collecting interesting paraphernalia. And they are all fashionably displayed in the shop. It’s not only stylish, but really cozy too!

When it comes to food, the ZUMI burger (around 500 yen) contains sauce that combines peanut butter and strawberry jam – surprisingly delicious! There are small items that you can buy, such as glasses, which I might have bought on impulse as well!

The café has also been used to film a music video of popular k-pop group SHINee. Fans have travelled from all over the world to pay homage, and also talk to the chatty boss, who simply can’t resist sharing about that episode!

When we think of Okinawa, we usually think of the Marines and the military, or the strong Ryukyu culture. But the American influence has created a unique culture that will make your Okinawan experience all the more interesting! Watch a video

このZUMI CAFEは、ご主人が米軍関係者というオーナーさんが、長年に渡りアメリカ各所のガレージセールを回ってコツコツと集めてきた雑貨がセンスよくディスプレイされた、とてもおしゃれで居心地の良い空間です。名物のZUMIバーガーはピーナッツバターとイチゴジャム(!)という驚きの組み合わせのソースのハンバーガー(*500円程度)ですが、これが意外にやみつきになる旨さ!

それを体感できる、おすすめのスポットのひとつです。 ビデオを見る

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