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Sanrio Puroland

Colourful, with lots of things for both adults and kids to do!!! I love the parades, where so many cartoon characters walk around ...

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Nomizo Waterfall

If you ever travel to Chiba Prefecture for sightseeing, make sure you don’t miss out the Nomizo Waterfall! The trip takes about 1....

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BIGHOP Garden mall Inzai

If you’re looking for a shopping mall that has it all, look no further! Introducing, BIGHOP Garden mall Inzai – where there’s some...

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Learn to make Futomaki Sushi

Isnt making sushi an art? Even more so when it comes to futomaki matsuri zushi, a particular kind of sushi unique to Chiba Prefect...

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Local Seasonal Japanese Produc...

Don't the watermelon look exceptionally sweet and juicy? Being a big fan of the seasonal Japanese produce at Singapore Isetan supe...

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