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Fukui Phoenix Festival

Be it wars, floods, or earthquakes like 1948’s magnitude 7 earthquake, Fukui Prefecture has overcome and emerged from every catast...

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Dinosaur Museum

If you love stories of ancient times, you’ll love the Dinosaur Museum in Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture – the first ever of its ...

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Mikatagoko Rainbow Line

If scenic views are your thing, I’ve got just the place for you. Introducing Rainbow Line Mountain Top Park, located 400.2 mete...

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Tojinbo Cliff

I think I have spent a bit too much time looking at temples and shrines. I have never expected that rocks and cliffs can be so int...

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Fukui Brezze

Although Fukui is most famous for its spectacular Tojimbo Cliffs, and one of the worlds best dinosaur museums, the prefecture is a...

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Udatsu Paper & Craft Museum

I've always been interested in washi, and this would be the perfect place to visit to see and touch this traditional art of Japane...

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