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Shodoshima Olive Garden

Olives are some kind of finicky fruit which requires stringent conditions to grow. Japan first attempted growing them in Mie, Kago...

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Shimanto River

~The Last Clear River In Japan~The Shimanto River in western Kochi Prefecture is one of Japan’s three clear-flowing rivers. It’s a...

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Oboke And Koboke

~Majestic Sculptures Carved By Nature~An approximately 8-km long canyon created by 200 million years of erosion by the Yoshino Riv...

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Mount Tsurugi

〜Mountain of mystery and legend〜One of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains, Mount Tsurugi offers spectacular natural beauty that cha...

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〜The oldest hot springs in Japan〜Dogo Onsen has a history stretching back 3,000 years. The springs are mentioned in Nihon Shoki an...

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Orange Juice From A Tap

~The Rumours Are True! You Can Get Orange Juice From A Tap!~There have long been rumours in Japan about a place where you can get ...

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Sanuki Udon

~Cheap, Delicious, And Fast! Udon Tour In The Holy Land Of Udon~Udon is a representative food of Japan and is born in Kagawa prefe...

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Seared Bonito

~Kochi’s Most Famous Dish!~Tosa City in Kochi Prefecture is famous for the tradition of catching bonito with a rod and line, and t...

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