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Oboke And Koboke

~Majestic Sculptures Carved By Nature~An approximately 8-km long canyon created by 200 million years of erosion by the Yoshino Riv...

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Mount Tsurugi

〜Mountain of mystery and legend〜One of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains, Mount Tsurugi offers spectacular natural beauty that cha...

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Oobo Koboke

Come and witness the wonder of nature at the Oboke and Koboke Gorges, great valleys that were created by the rapids of the Yoshino...

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The Otsuka Museum of Art

What if I tell you there’s one single place to see all of the world’s most famous paintings? Are you feeling excited? Without havi...

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It may look plain at first sight, but Dekomawashi is actually a famous dish in the Iya area of Miyoshi City. Dekomawashi is made f...

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Daibosatsutoge Cafe

I would like to introduce a nice resting spot that’s along the way from Tokushima City to the southern part of Tokushima Prefectur...

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Iya Valley

The Iya Valley (祖谷渓, Iyakei) is a remote, mountainous valley in western Tokushima Prefecture. Located deep in the heart of Shikoku...

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Shikoku Pilgrimage

We had a wonderful time on Shikoku doing the pilgrimage. Unfortunately I was not fit enough to walk the whole way, so we hired a c...

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