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Shikoku Dogo Rikisha

Shikoku Dogo Rikisha Did you know the name rickshaw originally came from the Japanese words “人力車” (jinrikisha),meaning “man-pow...

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Ichiroku Taruto

Ichiroku Taruto If you’re ever in Matsuyama City in the Ehime Prefecture, you really need to try my favorite Wagashi (Japanese ...

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Futami Seaside Park

If you like stunning sunsets and beautiful seascapes, then Futami Seaside Park should on your list of must-visit places in Ehime. ...

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Tobe-yaki Pottery Museum

The Tobe-yaki Togeikan is a pottery museum in Ehime dedicated to Tobe-yaki, the traditional art of ceramics and pottery from the T...

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Hojyo Kashima

If you love the sea, you must come to Kashima! It’s an island in Ehime prefecture, located about 400 meters from Hokujo port in th...

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Shikoku Karst

Want to experience the rural beauty of Japan? Then be sure to consider Shikoku Karst! Considered one of the three great karsts in ...

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Imabari Towel Museum

Believe it or not, some of the most popular products from the Ehime prefecture are its towels. But they’re not just any ordinary t...

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Bansuisou is a historical building in Matsuyama, a city in the Ehime-ken prefecture. The villa is an example of ‘Yokan’, Western-s...

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