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Bukkake udon/Sakinoya

Bukkake Udon Sakinoya Saying that the Japanese like their udon is an understatement, especially those from Kagawa Prefecture. W...

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Hyoge Festival

Have you heard of Hyoge Festival? It’s a traditional festival in the city of Takamatsu, Kagawa prefecture. Considered an important...

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Kodai Yamashiro Yashima Castle

Kodai Yamashiro Yashima Castle is an ancient castle built in 667 by Prince Naka-no-Oe to fend off the Siila and Tang invaders. Als...

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Kamatama Udon/Yamagoe Udon

If you are thinking of visiting Takamatsu, you cannot miss out on its udon. While there are many udon restaurants in Takamatsu, I ...

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Ever heard of an island of ogres? Well, now you have. Megijima is commonly known as Onigashima or the Island of Oni, ogres in Japa...

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Sitting on the tabletop mountain of Yashima, the Yashima-ji temple is known to attract people looking for love, prosperity and hea...

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