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Furofushi Onsen

The furofushi onsen, located in the western coast of Aomori prefecture, faces the beautiful Sea of Japan. It lives up to its beaut...

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Nebuta Matsuri

The Nebuta Matsuri, the largest summer festival in Aomori City, is an explosion of colourful lanterns, taiko drum beats, dancing a...

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Hirosaki Apple Park

The Fuji apple wasn’t named after Mount Fuji. Rather, it’s named after the place where it was created - Fujisaki, Aomori in Tōhoku...

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Furukawa Fish Market

Calling all sashimi lovers - if your last meal ever would be a chirashi don, then the Furukawa Fish Market in Aomori will be your ...

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Sake Brewery and Tasting

Hachinohe Shuzo Sake brewery comprises of two juxtaposed buildings – the wooden structure serves as an office, the other redbrick ...

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Tsugaru Shamisen

Tsugaru shamisen has a distinct sound that is created when the strings are struck with a trapezoidal plectrum called bachi. Origin...

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Stove Train

The Tsugaru Railway takes you to a picturesque view, through a rural landscape that stretches 20.7 kilometres between Tsugaru Gosh...

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Aomori Museum of Art

The architecture of the Aomori Museum of Art is inspired by the Sannai Maruyama Jomon Archaeological Site next door. Display space...

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