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Shinhotaka Ropeway

Shinhotaka Ropeway is a beautifull scenery area surrounded by Alps mountains. During the winter season, all the mountains blankete...

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Ise Ebi (Ise lobster)

The Japanese spiny lobster called Ise Ebi is known as the king of seafood. In the Ise-Shima area of Mie Prefecture, it is prohibi...

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SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

If you are a rail fanatic like me, you should check out JR Central's SC MAGLEV and Railway Park. It features past, present and eve...

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Unique Lighthouses!

“Daio-saki Lighthouse” is a white lighthouse built on the tip of a peninsula surrounded by the rushing waves of the Pacific Ocean,...

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​Ninja Forest Adventure!

The “Ninja Forest Adventure” attraction in the theme park “Ninja Kingdom Ise“,where visitors can learn about the history and cultu...

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Meoto Iwa

Meoto Iwa are two rocks located off the coast of Ise City, Mie prefecture. They are joined together by a large sacred straw rope c...

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Miya Festival

Gorgeous Mikoshi Floats Being Pulled Into the WaterStarting over 300 years ago during the Edo period is the history filled Miya Fe...

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Mishima Taisha Shrine

An Old Fragrant Olive in the Shrine Grounds?!The fragrant olive that grows in Mishima Taisha Shrine was designated as a national n...

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