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Kawazu Sakura Festival

Cherry blossoms in Japan typically bloom at around April. However, if you are in Japan before that time (around early/mid February...

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Irori Chaya

To my knowledge, Irori Chaya is the only restaurant in Japan that serves a dried fish buffet! What is dried fish? Dried fish is...

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Let me introduce to you the most delicious fish burger: the Red Bream Burger – it’s a national pride and you have to have yours at...

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Kawazu Wasabi de Nakasetai

Do you know that you can find the best of Japan’s wasabis at Izu Kawazu? In order to produce such high quality wasabi two impo...

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Kuraya Narusawa

Enjoy Japanese craft beer at a World Heritage Site! Kuraya Narusawa is a restaurant that’s right next to the Nirayama Furnace, ...

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Toji Sand Skiing Ground

Every now and then, I indulge in an ‘extreme’ sport called sand skiing. There is a sand ski ground in Toji, about 20 minutes away ...

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Ryugu Cave

One of the most beautiful ways to admire the sky is by going into Ryugu cave in Touji and looking up at the sun from inside. I vis...

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Marutou Wasabi Café

At Mount Takao, Marutou Wasabi Farmer’s Café is a special café that opens only on the third Sunday of every month. No wonder it’s ...

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