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Suzuya Restaurant, Takayama

After my husband and I arrived at Takayama and deposited our luggages at our ryokan, we asked the staff if they have any recommend...

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Since 1995, the picturesque Shirakawago is declared a UNESCO world heritage site. It is famous for its traditional farmhouses, som...

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Shinhotaka Ropeway

One of the major highlights in Takayama besides Shirakawago. It is located about 90mins away from takayama by bus. I took snowshoe...

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Shin-Hotaka Ropeway

The Shin-Hotaka Ropeway is one of Japan's most unique ropeways that takes you 1000 meters up the side of the Hotake Mountain Range...

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Hida Folk Village

Another one for my wanderlist.... Hida Folk Village (飛騨の里, Hida no Sato) is an open air museum exhibiting over 30 traditional hou...

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Mt. Yarigadake

Mt. Yari is one of the most famous peaks in the Kita Alps, and on the ‘must climb’ list of just about every Japanese hiker. Its re...

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The Takayama Festival

The Takayama Festival (高山祭, Takayama Matsuri) is ranked as one of Japan's three most beautiful festivals alongside Kyoto's Gion Ma...

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Gokayama Gassho village of

This UNESCO heritage site that is more well-known for its beauty in winter is also extraordinary in spring. The gassho zukuri farm...

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