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Stock Busters

Niigata is an unlikely destination even for many seasoned Japan visitors, many thought of it as a snowy rice growing region, and r...

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went on an onsen trip up the mountains of Echigo Yuzawa of Niigata Prefecture with friends . The most magical moments of my many t...

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GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort

fastest and closest snow you can see from tokyo! Only 45 mins away by shinkansen! Family orientated! Love this place so much, tota...

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Takada Castle

If castles fascinate you, then Takada Castle (Takada-jo) in Joetsu, Niigata Prefecture, is well worth its 300 yen admission fee. ...

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Gosen City Tulip Festival

Be greeted by the sight of 1.5 million tulips when you step into Gosen’s Sumoto region in Niigata Prefecture. Springtime in tulip ...

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Tokamachi Kimono Festival

If you are a kimono enthusiast, Tokamachi is the place for you. Located in Niigata Prefecture, it is famous for high-end textiles ...

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Sasagawa Flow

The Sasagawa Stream Beach in Murakami City of Niigata Prefecture was nominated as one of Japan’s scenic natural treasures (meishou...

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If you visit Sado Island someday, you should definitely try riding on a “taraibune”, which are traditional fishing boats that rese...

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