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Food Paradise

Food is always an important factor to plan in an overseas trip. In my last Japan trip, I drawn up a food list. Here to name a few....

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The scenery Kamikochi got to offer is majestic and beautiful. You need to give yourself more time when exploring this place as it ...

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Naganoken Gokoku Shrine

Naganoken Gokoku Shrine is one of Matsumoto’s lesser known attractions, compared to the iconic Matsumoto Castle, but I think it’s ...

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Matsumoto City Museum of Art

Love all things art and culture? I highly recommend visiting the Matsumoto City Museum of Art in Nagano prefecture. Many artworks ...

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Nawate Dori Street

When I visit Nawate Street, it feels like I’m taking a trip down memory lane! Located just five minutes from Matsumoto Castle, the...

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Nishina Shinmei Shrine

Are you done with skiing or snowboarding in Nagano? Stop by the city of Omachi to visit Nishima Shinmei Shrine – a shrine that see...

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Nakamachi Street

Inside Matsumoto city, not far from the castle, is an exciting shopping district called Nakamachi Street. The area is charming bec...

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Matsumoto-jo Castle

What’s the most famous sightseeing spot in Matsumoto city? Matsumoto Castle, of course! It is Japan’s oldest castle and one of fou...

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