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If you are a green tea lover, you wouldn't want to miss this hidden tourist spot ( Yo...

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Kurama Hot Spring

Kurama is a beautiful town located in the highlands of Northern Kyoto. It has a small but lovely outdoor hot spring overlooking th...

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Kyoto Travel Tips

Kyoto was my favorite city in Japan by far! Its rich history provides endless new places to discover. In order to make the most of...

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Jidai Matsuri

Kyoto in the Fall, a Parade of 2,000 Costumed People!The Jidai Matsuri in the fall of Kyoto is an approximately 2,000 person parad...

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If you ever decide to go to Kyoto, do not miss out on visiting the Kinkakuji Temple. It is one of the most iconic and popular pl...

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Miyako Odori

For a taste of authentic Japanese culture, I would highly recommend checking out Miyako Odori. This is a Geisha dance performance ...

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Toji Temple

Where can you find cherry blossoms, art exhibitions and food stalls all in one place? Toji Temple, of course! Located in Kyoto, th...

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Kamogawa - Duck River

Kamogawa or "Duck River" , is an 31km long river in Kyoto runs through the center to south of Kyoto which kind of divide southern ...

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